The RHR Group is the independent and current answer to the ever-existing need for high, safe and steady return rates on real estate investments.

Created by a group of Swiss professionals to manage their own investment programs and to satisfy their own requirements of transparency and efficiency, the concept spread out to involve third parties eager to find an experienced and serious investment advisor, ready to participate personally in the projects offered to its clients.

Active since 1979 from Switzerland, the Group has now been structured with companies located in key international locations like London (offering real estate investments, from the scouting of projects to property development and management) and Dublin (real estate advisory, intermediation and services), and maintaining representative offices in Switzerland.

Projects being currently realised are located in Spain on the Costa del Sol (Puerto de la Duquesa, Estepona Golden Mile), in the Dominican Republic (Samana), in Switzerland (Lugano) and in Italy (Luino, second phase). Projects under scrutiny are located in London, Berlin, Argentina and Bulgaria, as well as the countries were we are and have been positively active. Investment projects were successfully concluded in Florida (Sarasota), Switzerland (St. Moritz, Celerina, Silvaplana, Lugano, Capolago), Brazil (Belo Horizonte, first phase), Italy (Luino, first phase) and Rumania (Timisoara).

Our competitive advantage consists in offering a FULL SERVICE to the customer who looks at the real estate product as a valuable form of investment, and wants to take advantage from its features of reliability, steadiness of value and yield by tenancy profitability, and also, in most cases, of attractive capital gains which embody the real incentive of the real estate investment.

As FULL SERVICE, we mean a selective scouting, research and selection of the product offered to investors, justifying our choices and our suggestion of a particular object. Legal-notarial and technical-professional assistance is always coupled to every transaction, in order to offer a maximum of assurance also from this point of view. The financing is made only through top-level Swiss or local banks that, with your bank, will take care of all financial transactions connected with your investments and divestments, in conformity with the regulatory framework of every specific country.

With RHR your wealth will achieve a degree of profitability that will grant you a peaceful and comfortable life. Please take knowledge of our proposals and if, after reading, you are interested in any of them, we will be pleased to meet you personally to assist you with any further information and explanation you may need.